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Our Beta Glucan Supplemental Facts

There are many places to get your Beta Glucan such as grains, mushroom and yeast. Some of these such as from mushroom have 15% of the effectiveness. Beta Glucan must come from a specific source, with specific size and specific absorption. Check the independent studies above for information.

Our beta glucan comes from the leading manufacturer used in most studies I have found on beta glucan. Each package comes with patent numbers, batch number and expiration date. We have no binders, fillers or other ingredients added. We guarantee the beta glucan at 70% Beta Glucan. We provide a minimum beta glucan to equal 80% Beta Glucan for a 150 pound person for 30 days.

Be advised that REAL studies show that the body only needs about 1mg of high quality 70% Beta Glucan per pound of body weight. Using more than your body can consume is a WASTE OF YOUR MONEY. (Studies used 2mg of 80% Beta Glucan per kilo of weight and found no further improvement in the immune system with larger dosages.) Our Beta1316 Glucan two teaspoon packs will provide a serving a day for thirty days for a person weighing about 150 pounds. If you weigh more it will last less than a month, if you weigh less it will last longer than a month.

I guarantee you cannot get this beta glucan in higher quality and lower price than through us as a member.

Genus Enterprises is on a mission to take this incredible technology to the world at a price that is half to one third what the competition sells it for. Check the Internet and you will know we offer the best beta glucans and price for your health. Compare with other Beta Glucans.

We purchase at quantity discounts for the specific purpose to package the above technology so that EVERYONE in the WORLD can have the health benefits that are normally only afforded to the elite.

Imagine a hurricane, tsunami, or nuclear accident victim living in an area with death and destruction and very high incidence of disease. We provide the technology to provide beta Glucans that will DEFINITELY IMPACT their IMMUNE SYSTEM in the presence of dangerous pathogens.

Because the market price for our high quality beta glucan is $30 - $60 in the open market, anyone can purchase from us and resell at a significant margin.

Due to high demand during flu season or special world conditions, please order early and allow 30 days for delivery because of extensive back order. The major killer with H1N1 is pneumonia and we have high demand during epidemics or world crisis. Normal order periods are processed and shipped within 24 hours.

PS - most distributors buy high quality beta glucan from our source because they manufacture the beta glucan and hold the patents, so do not think someone has a better Beta Right beta glucan.

UPDATE - We no longer sell the Beta Glucan product. I recommend you purchase the Beta Glucan WGP Wellmune product from sources who sell ONLY the beta glucan with no other binders or fillers. Get 500 milligram capsules and disolve 10 capsules (5000mg) in 8 ounces of water. Take one teaspoon per 100 pounds of body weight. Do not purchase higher priced products with junk fillers and addatives. Buy your other suppliments separate so you can control the amount and cost of your beta glucan usage.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae from the cell wall of yeast is what the studies are based on. Beware, just because they say they use WGP make sure it is 70% - 80% pure and not diluted with fillers.

I recommend Immune Health Basics 500mg 60 capsules per bottle for about $45 in most stores like Sprouts.