Beta Glucan Supplemental Facts
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Then buy from us at the best quality for the price.

We believe we provide the highest strength patented commercial product in the industry for the price. (We provide 70% pure Beta Glucan in extra quantity for an effective 80% Beta Glucan per body weight.) Do not let someone trick you by saying they sell 85% beta glucan and show a chart that shows a higher consumption in the neutrophils. That is a trick similar to saying I will sell you three hamburgers for $2.50 compared to the other store that will sell you one for $1.00. If your body can only eat one burger, it is cheaper to pay $1.00 and eat one burger than to pay $2.50 and throw two burgers away. Your body will only consume a certain number of beta glucan per body weight. PERIOD! Watch the movie and look at studies even done by competitors.
We have carefully calculated the amount of Beta Glucan that can be absorbed by an individual based on scientific studies. If you use more than two milligrams per kilo of body weight, studies have shown no significant change in test results. Beta Glucan takes three continuous days to maximize the effect according to studies. You must maintain your daily dose according to studies to maintain the maximum effect. Do not be fooled by the dose provided by others. Many companies put in binders and fillers to increase the capsule size and weight. Our product is provided in pure manufactured form and can be mixed in most any liquid or powder.


The provided package is intended for you to dilute and mix. Beta Glucan

If you want to calculate your recommended weight per serving, use the following formula with our product.

(((4735 / # Servings) * 7) / 8) * 1.1 = # pounds per serving

As example if you mix the package in on quart of orange juice, 32 ounces, the formula would be:

(((4735 / 32) * 7) / 8) * 1.1 = 142.4 pounds

This means if you mixed the product in one quart of orange juice and took one ounce each day, each day would cover the recommended weight of a person weighing 140 pounds.

If you mix the product in a liquid, make sure you mix it completely each day just before taking your serving. We do not provide the soluble version of the product in order to cut your cost. If you need the soluble version, the cost is about twice as expensive with limited availability.

If you mix the product in a powder, make sure you completely mix the product then use the formula above for the number of servings to determine the recommended weight each serving will handle.

If you need more than the pounds per serving, increase your servings. If you need less, reduce the servings.